Ohm K

Ohm K was born at the front desk of a small boutique fitness studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn as two instructors joked between classes. Cycling instructor, Katie, and yoga instructor, Katharine, are committed to creating a company that empowers women to be happy now. Not happy when they lose 5 lbs, or get a promotion, or go on vacation. Happy right now. With empowering tank tops and charitable partnerships, Ohm K strives to make women feel good. Good about what they are wearing, who their tank top supports, where their tank was made, and how their tank top bolsters the community. Ohm K works with local Brooklyn artists to bring their designs to life and works to keep the printing and manufacturing of the product as close to home as possible. Ohm K is also committed to keeping as small a carbon footprint as possible by using eco friendly fabrics, dyes, recycled mailers, paper and tags. With connections to Exhale to Inhale, Edible Schoolyard NYC, Migrant Offshore Aid Station, and the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America, you can feel good about who your purchase supports. Then, at the very root of it all, Ohm K strives to make products that you feel good in. Tank tops, pants, and tees that help your practice soar on and off the mat, easily worn from studio to street. Ohm K isn't just a clothing brand, it's a way of life. Love yourself now, as you are, YOU are Ohm K. 

Sustainable Products

Ohm K currently purchases wholesale garments from companies in California with excellent sustanability practices. Whenever possible we chose products made fromorganic or recycled materials. We then ship those products to Brooklyn where all of our printing is done with sustainably concious printers.

Even Ohm K’s hangtags and shipping packages are made form recyclable materials! Whenever possible we also like to hand deliver our orders to wholesale clients or to our Ohm K Girls, minimizing needs for shipping materials and delivery fuel. 

We are thrilled to announce that our first sustainable yoga pants and sports bras are on their way and set to launch in Fall of 2015!

Made from 88% recycled plastic bottles and 12% spandex these new additions to your studio-to-street wardrobe will have you feeling at ease on both a physical and psyhcological level.

Striving to be100% Local

Ohm K is very proud to say that all of our production takes place in North America!

It’s important to us and to the Ohm K community that our production supports the economy closest to home. This means that all of the steps in our current and future apparel production happens locally:

Fabric Production: Toronto, Canada

Printing: Los Angeles & Brooklyn, USA

Manufacturing: Manhattan, New York, USA

Packaging and Shipping: Brooklyn, New York, USA

Our Promise to YOU

We promise to provide you products that make you feel empowered, beautiful, and good! We want you to feel good in our tanks, but also good about where your tank is coming from! We will support local artists and manufacturers with practices that serve their communities and the environment. We will also extend our empowerment outreach through our work with Exhale to Inhale and other organizations. Feel good about what your wearing, the community you're a part of, and the life you are living!