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The Friday Five - 1

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HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SPRING! It may not feel like it up here in the Big Apple, but this day does bring a promise of warmth, sunshine, and blooming life. Let's celebrate! Here are Five things that have made our hearts swoon this week. 

1. The Past 7 Months: What I've Lost and What I'm Finding - by Katharine Lucic


This is the journey of Ohm K Co-Founder, Katharine Lucic. The past seven months have been a battle, but she is a survivor. An epic woman. I am constantly in awe of her and inspired by her strength and grace. She is truly incredible and I am honored to be her partner. 

The outpouring of love and support for Katharine from the Elephant Journal community has meant so much to us. We are so inspired by the fierce love and encouragement that has been sent her way. All of the messages, comments, and emails have been so supportive. We are overflowing with gratitude and love. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

2. Take 12 minutes and watch Meaghan Ramsey's incredible TED Talk - 
Why Thinking You're Ugly is Bad for You

Go ahead! Give your reflection a big sloppy kiss! This TED talk is a very worthwhile 12 minutes. Love YOU!

3. Responsibility: Give a Little, Take a Little - by Sasha Nelson

*Photo by Ashley Mead at Sangha Yoga Shala in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

*Photo by Ashley Mead at Sangha Yoga Shala in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

We love Sasha Nelson's blog! Read her take on Responsibility. Giving the world your best also means giving yourself the best, and many times we can't do this all on our own! Also, be sure to check out her mouthwatering recipes!

4. A BuzzFeed Article after our own hearts. 

Take a few minutes to scroll through these "37 Totally Perfect Bikini Bodies". You'll see why we are obsessed. All sizes and colors, and that goes for the bikini's too! ;) Seriously, we hear girls say, "I'm working on my bikini body," all the time. You are BEAUTIFUL right now! "There's no such thing as perfect. Only perfectly you." Put that bikini on and RELAX! You're FABULOUS!

5. This week we had the pleasure of introducing Ohm K to COSMOPOLITAN 


Obviously, we were two very excited Ohm K gals. We had FanGirl faces the whole time! 


Thank you for another beautiful week! We are so inspired by you. Thank you for supporting us every day with your encouragement and love. We hope to do the same for you. Every day we feel like the luckiest gals. Thank you for being you.

Sooohm much love,

Katie and Katharine