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The Friday Five - 6

Katie & KatharineComment

HAPPY FRIDAY OHM K LOVES! Here's some stuff that has us grinning this week!

1. "Vote Audry"

Our dear friend Celia Rowlson-Hall has been churning out incredible choreography for years but we are particularly proud of her piece with Lena Dunham Vote Audry. "We Can and We Will". Together, if we keep lifting each other up, we can do anything. 


The community at SYNCSTUDIO BKLYN is unlike any other! We are particularly fond of this yoga, cycling, and training studio because it's where we met and tossed around our first tank top ideas! All our love to kick ass dynamic duo, Ashley Lively and Karla Misjan! Thank you for creating such a wonderful home and family!

3. "Slap Her" : Children's Reactions

This video will give you chills. With children like this, our future is very, very bright.

4. Bella NYC Magazine

Our very first feature in a magazine. That's right! Printed in ink on paper! I'd be lying if I said I didn't squeal in the Barnes and Noble Union Square when I found it!

Click image to read the full article on our Press page

Click image to read the full article on our Press page

5. SPOTTED : Look at YOU rockin' YOUR OHM K!

Remember, right now, just ask you are YOU ARE OHM K! We are so grateful for you. Thank you for inspiring us and cheering us on! 

Sooohm much love,

Katie + Katharine