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The Thank You Note - Cultivating a Culture of Gratitude

Katie & Katharine1 Comment

From DAY ONE we agreed that each purchase would be accompanied by a hand-written thank you note. Every single one.

These days, articles detailing the sense of entitlement that plagues millennials are a dime a dozen. And, in many ways, what you perceive is what you receive. The more we write about and expect that today’s millennials and tomorrow’s children will be entitled and thankless the more we cultivate that attitude. Now more than ever let’s celebrate the lost art of the thank you note!

What does a small note of expressed gratitude have to do with changing our “gimme gimme” culture? EVERYTHING! When we express gratitude and when we take the time to write it down, the gift becomes less about the act of getting something and more about the relationship between giver and receiver.  

Making a Connection

When you write a thank you note you establish a connection with the giver. That simple acknowledgement of their act, gift, or service binds the two of you together. It continues the conversation. Chances are the "giver" felt a sense of joy in the act of giving. You felt joy in the act of receiving. But connecting over that mutual joy binds the two of you and extends your experience. We "get, get, get" without need of human interaction. Our food is ordered online and delivered. Even our paper towels and booze can be ordered online and delivered. Sure, it's convenient, but how lonely!

We write thank you notes because we want to breach that "person-less" gap. Writing thank you notes allows us the luxury to remember why we started this business. We started it because we are so inspired by our community and we want to connect with our community. 

Valuing the Experience

When writing a thank you note, you end up reliving the experience. Just acknowledging how much something meant to you not only makes for a nice note to someone, but it lengthens the experience and adds value. In the act of writing the note, you find yourself reliving the experience and reveling in the gratitude you feel. We experience so much instant gratification that we find ourselves wanting more and more instead of valuing what we have. It's a vicious cycle. But when we take the time to stop and reflect we experience that gratitude and pleasure again and our appetite for more is sated. Many of us, we have enough, but we don't realize it because we are becoming cultured to want more and more and to want it now. Pause, experience, luxuriate in the gratitude you feel and value what you have now.

We write thank you notes because we want to value each purchase and each Ohm K girl. We don't want to lose sight of what makes our company: you, the community.  

Gratitude for You

That feeling of gratitude translates into your daily life. When we cultivate the practice of acknowledging our gifts or our experiences we don't find ourselves wanting. We feel like we have enough because we are wrapped up in the continued experience of gratitude. That gratefulness is all yours. It's for you to enjoy and you control it. 

We appreciate each order that arrives and each thank you note we write affords us the opportunity to revel in that experience of gratitude

At the end of the day, our community is what keeps us working and designing. That alone deserves a thank you note. Thank you, Community, for making Ohm K possible.